Blackhawk Flying Club has three membership classes:

  • Class 1 Student Pilot - $200 (includes access to the C172) 
  • Class 2 Private Pilot - $300 (includes access to the C172)
  • Class 3 Private Pilot - $400 (includes access to the C172 & C182)

Monthly dues are currently $50.00. Contact us today for more information! 

Membership Rules
The club maintains a standard set of rules designed for the benefit of all members. The rules define proficiency requirements, billing procedures, scheduling protocol, flight planning and general operations.

By-laws detail the club's corporate authority, election of directors, organization of meetings, officer duties, and member rights.

Membership Application
Individuals over 18 yrs old can complete the application and mail it to the address below. Prospective members are requested to attend a regular business meeting to review the application with officers and other members.

Chicago/Rockford Airport Badging Information

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