Welcome to the Blackhawk Flying Club

Blackhawk Flying Club is a not-for-profit corporation based at Chicago/Rockford Airport (RFD). The club was founded in 1953 for the purpose of encouraging interest in aviation and providing safe, economical aircraft for flight training, and general recreational flying, with the intention of advancing each member's knowledge and skills in aviation.

Blackhawk Flying Club owns two Cessna aircraft, each IFR equipped. Members support the operation of the aircraft by monthly dues and hourly fees. The club is managed by members who are elected as directors and officers. Aircraft are scheduled over the internet or toll free phone with aircraftclubs.com.

For more information on membership, go to the membership page on this website, or contact the flying club by sending an email to info@blackhawkflyingclub.org or using the form on our contact page.

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